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Domino Scene: Fight Scene:  

3.9 Visual Analysis – Approaching the Task

3.9 Visual Analysis Structure Intro Main Paragraph # 1 Main Paragraph # 2 Conclusion   Use SEXY Structure Use academic terminology Refer to the scene and how it affects the whole film Drive your analysis

Minority Report Spider Scene

In your paragraph analysis you should: Continuously address at least two cinematography elements (examples of these) and how they work to address the director’s intention Give audience response = correctly describe the effect for you

Cinematography Techniques

Use the link to this wikipedia page to get the correct terminology for your analysis. Pay particular attention to camera shots and types of sound, as well as being mindful of use of symbol and

Reading – Minority Report article

Technology in Minority Report: note the film was released in 2002, and this article was published in 2010 – technology has advanced even further in 2018!

Writing Exemplars

George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is more than a work of fiction. It is a dire warning. Explore the means by which Orwell reaches through the decades and grabs us by the neck. What is he

Symbols and Motifs

Costumes The Commanders wear black, symbolising fear and authority. The wives wear powder blue, their status being reinforced by the “richness of their costumes, with details of embroidery.” The Aunts are in brown or khaki,

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